Different styles of learning

The Group

Study with new friends! (Max 10 people)

The Group allows students to make new friends from different schools. Learning with new classmates is always a fun thing!The Pillars provides SAT and SAT II Subject group courses. Click the button below to explore more!

The Friends

Study with new friends! (Max 5 people)

Number - Price/hr
1 student - 1,050 baht/hr
2 students - 850 baht/hr
3 students - 700 baht/hr
4 students - 650 baht/hr
5 students - 550 baht/hr

The One

Study with the expert! (1000 baht/hour)

The privilege of The One course is that students will be guided closely by the teacher. Students can also plan their own schedules according to their own free-time.




SAT Verbal | SAT Math

SAT II Subject Test

SAT II Physics | SAT II Chemistry
SAT II Math | SAT II Biology


Writing | Reading | Speaking | Listening

BioMedical (BMAT)

Aptitude test | Science | Essay Writing

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